The Danio genus comprises many of the species familiar to aquarists. The common name "danio" is used for members of the genera Danio.

 They are native to the fresh water rivers and streams of Southeast Asia, but many species are brightly colored, and are available as aquarium fish worldwide.

They have two pairs of long barbels, and are generally characterised by horizontal stripes (with the exception of the glowlight danio, panther danio and black barred danio which have vertical bars). They range from 4–15 cm (1.75–6 in) in length. They generally do not live for more than two to three years, and are probably annual fish in the wild.

All of these fish are primarily surface feeders. They are omnivorous in the aquarium and will accept a wide variety of foods, though flake food is appropriate. Living in aquaria, live/frozen flaked foods are suitable, especially brine shrimp and sinking tablets. Danios are voracious eaters; timid feeders may starve in community tanks with danios. When conditioning danios for breeding, it is advisable to feed them plenty of fresh foods.

Although boisterous and liable to chase each other and other fish, they are good community fish and will not generally attack each other or other fish, although they occasionally nip fins, more by accident than design; like most fish, they will eat eggs and any fish small enough to fit into their mouths.

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