Cockatiels have extremely high natural intelligence, it is important that you express love and affection towards them, as this makes them contender to be your companion, this in itself helps promote good health and happiness.

It is important to provide good energetic, as well as intellectual, exercise. You should allow a short exercise schedule daily if possible, enabling your pet to explore his surroundings and “run” free. Keeping your Cockatiel’s environment clean and well maintained will aid in the prevention of sickness.  Correctly and a good diet regulation is also among the guidelines that should be followed to ensure proper care for Cockatiels. Your feathered friend needs more than pellet based food, such as a consistent diet of greens, vegetables, fresh fruits that are chopped, seeds, and even boiled eggs and other nutritious table foods. The cockatiel life span can reach up to 22 years, though the stand the standard the standard is 15 years.