These petite 'pocket' parrots, lovebirds are active, cheerful and beautifully decorative, and because they evolved from a very harsh environment, they are very suited to captivity.

Not only do they have a good disposition, these charming, brilliantly colored little pets are very hardy and easy to care for. In the wild lovebirds live in flocks. They will often bond with a mate for life and show fierce loyalty and affection to their family. They are very social with both their keepers and their mate. 

The rewards of keeping a single lovebird can be astonishing. The amazingly determined spirit of a pet lovebird can far surpass other small parrots, both in their ability to learn tricks and to show affection. But because of their strong devotion, a lovebird kept singly will require vast amounts of time and affection in return in order to thrive.