Aquarium Masters

Tropaquatics represents and carries AQUARIUM MASTERS full line of premium aquariums and accessories to serve your freshwater and marine tropical fish needs.

Aquarium Masters is the industry leader in manufacturing aquariums with black silicone and injection modled frames.  Unlike conventional clear silicone aquariums, black silicone will not absorb the chemical colors over time.

Aquarium Masters full hood utilizes T5 fluorescent technology, the most efficient in it's class.  Equipped with a light amplifying reflector that directs and intensifies output down into the aquarium.  

Aquarium Masters Series One and Series Four cabinets are constructed with commercial grade medium density fiberboard (MDF) and wrapped with commercial grade high gloss PVC film.

Aquarium Masters full line of accessories to finish the aquarium includes thermometers, heaters, flexible tubing, power filter systems, air stones, nets, air check valves, bulkhead fittings, strainers, filtration media & bags, polyfiber pads, carbon pads, nitrate remover pads, UV sterilizer and more.